1178. Farm Stand at Tolay Lake

This location is Tolay Lake Regional Park, a unique 3434-acre property located in the hills southeast of Petaluma, between the Petaluma River and Sonoma Valley.

I joined a paint out group, “Ready, Set, Sketch!” in Sonoma County and went to paint with them. They are happy painters.


Dating to at least 4,000 years, habitation of the original Tolay Lake perimeter occurred on a seasonal basis by the Coast Miwok, Pomo and other native Californians. It is known that this has been a regional gathering place for diverse tribes, probably associated with the beliefs that healing powers were derived from this lake.

These archaeological findings received such widespread attention that the lake was at one time alternatively known as Charmstone Lake.

I didn’t have any of this knowledge.

In 3 hours, I had to find a place and paint.

There were so many to choose from; finally I set up my easel. I just painted, painted, painted until finished.

After I looked at my painting, my brush strokes were flying as though dancing 😊💞

It’s very beautiful place to be💖

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