1183. Strolling Leisurely at Big River Beach

“1183. Strolling Leisurely at Big River Beach” Oil painting by Mariko Iriehttp://www.mariko-irie.com/cowranch.html

This location is Mendocino CA, 

Hwy One before south entrance of Mendocino there is the bridge over Big River. This view is looking down from the bridge.

I heard a lot of philosophers, creators, writers stroll leisurely to get good ideas for their projects.

Walking stimulates our brain.

They say:

In fact, the mental health benefits of walking range from stress and anxiety management to clearing brain fog and boosting your ability to quickly solve problems. Walking is also linked to better sleep, a reduced risk of depression, and higher levels of happiness and self-esteem.

The beauty of nature offers great mental and physical health benefits. 

It’s wonderful opportunity, take it😊❤️🌈

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