1184. Love in the Sky

“1184. Love in the Sky” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This location is Tolay Lake Regional Park CA.

It’s a 3434-acre property located in the hills southeast of Petaluma, between the Petaluma River and Sonoma Valley, for ecological and archaeological preservation, as well as public use and enjoyment.

At the entrance, there is a parking lot under trees picnic tables and a Farm Stand building.

Then big open field and sky.

Let’s go for a hike.

The park rangers in their uniform patrol on horses not by car. It makes me smile.

They are so kind and guide us.

I just read a book “ The Sense of Wonder” by Rachel Carson.

In the book, “ Take time to listen and talk about the voice of the earth.”

This place is great for that.

The last page of the book, “The lasting pleasure of contact with the natural world are not reserved for scientists but are available to anyone who will place himself under the influence of earth, sea, and sky and their amazing life.”

Have a fantastic life😊💞🌻🌈

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