1199. Aqua Colored House

Day 5 #stradaeasel

My day 5 painting is 

“1199. Aqua Colored House”

Oil painting on 6” X 12” Gessoed panel 

By Mariko Irie

Yesterday I went to take care of our Northcoast Artists Gallery and came back.

Round trip is about 6 hours.

This morning I knew it would be over 100 F° this afternoon.

I had to go early morning to paint.

I wakens a little late, and I went outside around 8:30am. I had to find the location for today’s painting, and a parking place in the shade.

I found a big tree has a lot of leaves like an umbrella. 

11am, even in a shade it was getting very warm.

“1199. Aqua Colored House” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Day 5 #stradaeasel

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