1208. Mountains from Romal Rd.

Day 14 #stradaeasel

My day 14 painting is 

“1208.  Mountains from Ramal Rd. ”

Oil painting on 6” X 12” Gessoed panel 

By Mariko Irie

Today I went back to one of our cycling routes, Ramal Rd.

It’s very nice view with tall trees’ shade. After the sun moved south, still I was in shade the whole time I was painting.

Today I needed to be in the sun. 

Air was cold and windy. I was cold.

Luckily I had a puffy winter jacket in my car and wore it.

Painting went so well. I love this painting.

“1208.  Mountains from Ramal Rd. ” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Before I completed the painting, the wind got so strong that it pushed me constantly. My brush strokes couldn’t go where I wanted. I almost finished the painting when I quit, and completed it at my studio.

Despite sometimes challenging weather, I love Plein Air Painting now more than ever before.

Day 14 #stradaeasel

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