1218. Barns on a Big Hill

Day 23 #stradaeasel

My day 23 painting is 

“1218. Barns on a Big Field”

Oil painting on 6” X 12” Gessoed panel 

By Mariko Irie

This location is Adobe Rd. Petaluma, CA.

I knew today would be hotter than yesterday. 

Yesterday I was not in the shade, but by the end of painting it was hot at the location. So I tried to find a parking in the shade with a good scene.

I found the perfect spot, but it was on the other side of Adobe Rd. from my scene, meaning I had to face busy traffic of Adobe Rd.

When I started sketching the composition on the panel, a huge truck went by and blew it off my easel. Lucky it was just the drawing, no damage to the panel.

It was nosy and distracting from cars going by across my view.

“1218. Barns on a Big Field” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Still I was a happy painter.

Day 23 #stradaeasel

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