1219. Resting Spot

Day 24 #stradaeasel

My day 24 painting is 

“1219. Resting Spot”

Oil painting on 6” X 12” Gessoed panel 

By Mariko Irie

We wanted to go to cycling and I wanted to paint as well.

Kris offered to carry all my painting gear to where I wanted to paint.

This location is Duhig Road, Napa, CA.

I wanted to paint there the other day, but it was not a comfortable space to park my car.

For a bicycle, no problem.

This is a spot where we take a break from our regular weekend ride and traditionally have a chocolate 😊.

I could paint in nice cool shade and fresh air.

“1219. Resting Spot” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

It was a wonderful day😊❤️.

Day 24 #stradaeasel

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