1246. Piece of Cake

My artist friend who has an art studio at Sonoma Art Farm where my studio is now, gave me information on the “Cake” show:

The show is a nod to Wayne Thiebaud and his long life of painting.

This show is about color, feeling, pleasure and memories we hold from our experiences with Cake.

Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite artists.

When I was painting my “Museum” series “Art Lovers”, I painted “ 562. Cakes & Boy”

“562. Cakes & a Boy” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

and, “563. Thiebaud & Skateboarders” at http://www.mariko-irie.com/thiebaudskateboarders.html

My painting for the “Cake” show was on very short notice. But I wanted to paint something new.

I try not eat sugar, but I ran to get a piece of cheese cake😊 and painted

1246. Piece of Cake” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

while listening Wayne Thiebaud’s interviews on YouTube.

I had a great time.

My submitted painting was accepted.

When I delivered the painting, I also brought “ 562. Cakes & Boy” as well which the manager loved for the show’s display.

The opening reception had a very happy mood to it. Does cake make everybody happy? All the show’s paintings and sculptures were very happy creative ones as were the cakes at the reception. 

My “ 562. Cakes & Boy” was sold before the opening. The gallery sitter was exited to report the sale of the painting, which will go to Saudi Arabia😊💞

The show will display through June 25 at CAMI Art + Wine Gallery.

The address: 1333 B Lincoln Ave Calistoga CA 94515.

Have a beautiful day,


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