1245. Lovely Lights for Tomorrow

After my show is up at the Northcoast Artists Gallery, I had to deal with business including filing Sale tax.

Now I started to relax and watch my plants.

I’m doing natural farming which doesn’t use pesticide nor fertilizer.

First cut weeds, leave their roots in soil, that is how the sprouting new weeds is slowed.

I make raised rows, disturbing soil as little as possible, making holes with water for seeds or baby plants. 

This year I was busy preparing for my show, I didn’t have time to seed tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and basil, so I purchased them.

Finally I planted them in ground in June.

I’m doing natural farm, so roots grow slowly at first, then the plants suddenly get big and strong.

This year soaker hose had problem, didn’t water plants properly and plants got a lot of holes by bugs except tomatoes.

My favorite natural farmer, Imahashi, always says when getting plants from nurseries their soil has fertilizer that attracts bugs, but not to worry keep and let them grow with your love, when bugs finish their job they go away.

His idea is bugs come to try to fix problems.

Anyway, after we got better soaker hoses and started watering properly, plants are getting healthy and growing bigger.

I planted garlic which started sprout in our cabinet. They have very thick healthy leaves now.

“1245. Lovely Lights for Tomorrow” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

Watching the lovely lights at the end of a day, which gives us smiles and very positive energy for tomorrow.

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