1277. The Fairyland in Bodega CA

“1277. The Fairyland in Bodega, CA” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This location is at the Estero Americano in Bodega.

I went to paint out with the group, West County Plein Air.

When we got to the location to paint, it was extremely windy. If I went there by myself without this group, I would just turn around without painting to go home.

Well, I just decided the place to paint: I looked for a big tree to block the wind. It was better than nothing, but wind was blowing under the tree to get me constantly.

It was hard to move, I surrendered to find somewhere better. The time was limited as well.

The awfully strong wind took my mind away, just holding my painting panel on to the easel, and paint and paint till finished. I just wanted to finish the painting and go back to the peaceful warmth of the car.

After I got back to being comfortable in the car, it was so quiet.

Then it flashed my mind which is training in being hit by a waterfall for Spiritual unity.

They stand under a tall waterfall for hours to do meditation. Water is noisy, cold and pain to body. 

I experienced how to focus on what I’m doing without future nor past, just being present through this paint out.

It was a great experience for me.

I’m looking at this painting now, I feel so tranquil. It doesn’t recall the strong wind at all, looks like “Fairyland”.

Thank you to everybody who coordinated this paint out.

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