Cat on Windowsill

This is my friends’ cat May.

I stayed at my friends’ for one week, then I got know her.

She is an interesting cat. Yes, all cats have different nature.

She has an attitude.

It was drizzling day, so I decided to stay inside and paint. There were beautiful Rhododendrons in a vase by the dinning table.

So I decided to paint on the dinning table. I started to prepare, May came and climbed on the table. I told her “I’m going to paint. Get down.” She ignored me. Then I shouted “Get Down!” She got down from the table, hissed me and left.

I finished painting and clean up the table. Then she came to me and purred.


Cat on windowsill

520. Cat on Windowsill Oil painting by Mariko Irie

After I painted this painting, it remind me women in Japanese Ukiyo-e. May is sitting on the windowsill. The pose is just like a woman is posing elegant and alluring in natural manner.

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