Jug Handle Creek Bridge

I painted several paintings scenes looking at the beach and ocean from this bridge.


“733. Jug Handle Creek Bridge” Oil Painting by Mariko Irie

This one is from ocean side looking at the scene with bridge.

I found the bridge name is Jug Handle Creek Bridge and the park is named after Jug Handle Creek, which runs through it; the name “Jug Handle” is also sometimes spelled as a single word, and comes from the shape of a bend in the old road across the creek.

California State Route 1, which we call High Way 1 now crosses the creek on a concrete open-spandrel deck arch bridge, built in 1938.

This bridge is where Jug Handle Creek Trestle used to be. The Trestle spanned the Jug Handle Creek. It’s built over Jug Handle Creek in 1884 by the Caspar Lumber Company to reach logs in Hare Creek to the north of Caspar. It was 1000 feet long and the rails were 160 feet above the creek, which was once the site of the tallest wooden trestle bridge in the world.

It fell down in the 1906 earthquake.

I love this open-spandrel deck arch bridge.

I’ve red Russian Gulch Bridge construction is very similar arch bridge to this Jug Handle Creek Bridge. I drive over Russian Gulch Bridge all the time, but I have never seen the bridge itself. I will do sometimes.

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